Cozy Flannel Pillowcase: Sewing Project for Beginners

This basic sewing project can be done by anyone who can stitch a straight seam on a sewing machine (or by hand, for that matter.) Any beginners’ sewing machine can handle this project, which uses only a straight stitch.


Cutting the Pillowcase

Fold the fabric lengthwise. Measure and cut the length to be 41 inches. If the fabric is wider than 42 inches (21 inches when folded) trim to 21 inches for a standard pillowcase.


Pinning the Pillowcase

Unfold the fabric and refold lengthwise with right side (pretty side) in and wrong side showing. Using straight pins and pinning perpendicular to the edge of the fabric, place pins every 4-5 inches along the edge opposite the fold to hold the edges together for sewing.

Pin one of the short edges as well, leaving the other short edge to be hemmed later.


Sewing the Pillowcase

Starting at the fold along the short edge, stitch a straight seam 5/8 inch from the edge of the pinned fabric. Remove pins just before they reach the presser foot and needle.

When you are 5/8 inch from the corner of the pillowcase, stop with the needle down in the fabric (turn the wheel by hand if needed to stop the needle in the down position).

Lift the presser foot and turn the fabric 90 degrees so the long pinned side is in position to be sewn. Lower presser foot again and stitch to the unpinned short end. Secure seam at beginning and end with reverse stitching or by knotting thread ends.

Repeat the seam as before, sewing ½ inch from edge to reinforce the seam. Trim the seam allowances ¼ inch away from second line of stitching. This creates a strong double seam.


Hemming the Opening Edge

Fold under 4 inches of fabric from right side to wrong side. Press fold with warm iron. Turn under again so there are two layers folded under. Press fold again.

Stitch 3.75 inches from opening edge to secure the hem. You may use a straight stitch or a decorative stitch if your sewing machine has them.

4″ turned under once

Another 4″ turned under for double-thickness hem



Turn the pillowcase right side out. Press along all edges. Trim any loose threads. Your pillowcase is ready to use now. This project makes a nice gift for anyone.

Flannel is especially cozy in the winter. This project can also be made in lightweight cotton or cotton/polyester fabrics for warm weather use. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.